Thursday, 30 May 2013

Picking up....

I am knitting Fastnet at the moment - well, theoretically I am knitting Fastnet.

The thing which I was knitting for Rowan is now safely back at Holmfirth, and there is always something of a hiatus after such a project comes to an end.    Usually I pick up the current sock-in-progress for an evening or two, or even relax without any knitting at all.  Yes, this does happen.

This time I picked up Fastnet, which I cast on rather a long time ago, before I became distracted with work-related knitting.  It has been pulled back a couple of times to accommodate design changes - I think I'd have worked as far as the armhole shaping by now, if not for that.

The yarn, by the way, is lovely.  This is Rowan's Pure Wool Aran, and it is such a surprise.  One expects a yarn like this, which is apparently a basic yarn, to be something of a workhorse, if you know what I mean.  One doesn't expect this - soft, squishy, yet with a pleasing solidity, gorgeous to work with, and a beautiful drape.  I much prefer it to the Cashsoft family, now discontinued.  And I expect it to wear better than the Cashsoft yarns, as well - it has certainly coped perfectly with all the pulling back and re-knitting that I have put it through.     If you haven't tried it yet, then I urge you to do so.  I don't think you'll be disappointed.  It is lovely stuff.

Where was I - ah yes, Fastnet.

This particular Fastnet has rather a lot of modifications from the pattern.

The original version is from Rowan 52, by Josh Bennett, and I am knitting the size to fit chest 48".

The shape isn't going to be altered very significantly apart from adding length to the body, which seems a little short to me at 27 1/2", and shortening the sleeves, which seem too long at 21 1/2".

You can see how long they are on the model - the poor chap must be pushing them up out of the way all the time.  Can't be doing with that!

But the real changes are in the pattern itself - the cables, the texture.  My husband knows exactly how he wants this pullover to look, and he doesn't want it to look quite like that.  We are keeping some elements, losing others - and - well, you'll see.  (Or you will, when I post a picture.)  Anyway, we've talked it through, and I've made some little sketches, which he has agreed, and that's what I'm working from.

But it is still slow progress.  There is no urgency here, and it is a big pullover, after all.

I've got something other things planned as well - I am going to make a cardigan for my daughter, and I am looking forward to this, I do like knitting for her.

If I knit anything at all for myself in the foreseeable future, I am going to have to stick to unfitted garments and accessories.  I am still losing weight, and if I knit things to fit me at the moment then there is the awful (but very real) prospect that next year they might well be too big for me.

Talking of accessories - have you seen the new Rowan Fine Art Collection?   I have a copy, and I find that I am quite taken with some of the things in here.

In particular, and I wasn't expecting this at all, these over the knee socks.

Also, these stripy ones.  I've always wanted long stripy socks.

I am trying hard to convince myself that these are a good idea, that they are really practical, and that I would wear them.  Unfortunately I would in all probability have to resort to knitting-in elastic at the top, which I hate with a vengeance, in order to keep them up - but nevertheless I still want to make them.

No rush though....

By the way, Wee Peggy is now in her new home.  In Argyllshire, would you believe?   I did not expect that, and somehow it is rather pleasing.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wee Peggy

Here's my Wee Peggy wheel.

I did mention a while ago that I was going to sell it, and that I would let you know - well, the time is now.  So if you are at all interested, please get in touch, and I can tell you more.  It is listed on eBay at the moment, with the auction due to finish on Sunday evening.

This is a nice little wheel - it is one of the originals,  made in 1984 by J Rappard in New Zealand.

I shall be sorry to see it go - it has been my first wheel, after all - but one does have to move on.

Now, knitting.

I find myself, yet again, knitting something that I can neither show nor discuss.  It is, of course, for Rowan, and it is, of course, rather gorgeous.

The knitting is very enjoyable - lovely yarn, beautiful colours, and an interesting stitch pattern.  But this situation does not make for interesting blog posts.  My deadline is the end of this month, but I shall be getting it finished as soon as I can.

In conclusion, I should just say that my rather prolonged silence here does not mean that anything is wrong - quite the contrary, in fact.

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while will know that I have been dealing with a pain condition for a few years now, about which the least said the better, really.  Over the last couple of months I've been getting used to a new combination of meds which has turned out to be really helpful, but has also turned out to have the side effects of making me rather absentminded and forgetful - and that's putting it mildly.  Perhaps I should just say, rather spaced out.   As you can perhaps imagine, this hasn't been conducive to coherent thinking or writing, or indeed very much writing at all really, hence the long silences.

Fortunately, these side effects seem to have been temporary, and I think I'm about back to normal now.  However if you should notice me being rather more incoherent than usual, please feel free to blame it on the meds. ;)