Monday, 25 March 2013

Ten days

I have a deadline.  And I have rather a lot of knitting to do.

This is not really unusual.  When one knits for other people, there do tend to be deadlines involved.  Sometimes they are a bit variable - sometimes they are rather less so.  I do try to treat them all in the same way, as if they were graven in stone.  This one has no leeway whatsoever.  Yes, I know, mixed metaphors again.  It seems that I can't help it.

If I have a deadline, this means that I must post the finished item the day before, by Special Delivery which guarantees that the package will arrive the following day - and don't get me started on that one, because it doesn't always happen.  But that's another story entirely. 

Anyway, I have to post the day before the deadline.  And that means that my final knitting day, the very last day on which a stitch may be knitted, an end may be sewn in, an item may be blocked - that is the day before the posting day.  So there is the day of the deadline - there is the posting day - and there is the last knitting day. 

Counting from today, up to the last knitting day, I have ten days.

I am just a little bit behind schedule at the moment. (Yes, I have a schedule.) Life gets in the way, you see.  If I could just sit and knit, there would be no difficulty with this at all.  But there is laundry to be done, a little dog who wants to be walked - and I like to go for a walk, as well - and meals to be cooked, and so on and so forth.

I still cannot show you what I am knitting, not yet.  Nor can I tell you anything about it.  I can tell you that I am knitting squares, which isn't really very informative, and I'm sorry about that but there it is.  They are lovely squares, and they are all different.  I am really enjoying making them.  The yarns are such a pleasure - do I need to say Rowan? - and the colours!  The combinations are just beautiful.   

So, at the moment I have twenty two squares remaining to knit.  Plus one Thing, for which I do not yet have the pattern.  And I have ten days.

I think I had better get on with it.


Anne said...

I could never be a knitter for hire.....seriously, I started getting anxious just reading this.....

Ahhhhh, Rowan.....they just posted that they are picking designs for magazine 55, spring summer you must be knitting for.....oh, the mind boggles!

Joan said...

Did you make it?