Friday, 15 March 2013


The last week has rather got the better of me.  But here I am, finally.

I have no pretty pictures of knitting to show you, because I've been working on another photography garment for Rowan.  It is all packed up and sent off now, anyway.  Another new yarn - really pretty, and lovely to knit with, but I was a bit less enamoured with it whilst doing the finishing work. But maybe that was just me.

Beautiful fabric, though, without a doubt, and the finished garment was gorgeous.  I did take some pictures, and I shall be able to talk more about the garment when the pattern is released - and I don't know when that will be.  This was Thing H, just for future reference - if I don't write that down somewhere, I know that I will forget it.

What else - there were several things that I wanted to talk about regarding blogs.  Today, two blogs that I have discovered in recent months.

Dovegreyreaderscribbles is first.   This lady lives in Devon, she used to be a community nurse, she knits, she quilts, she reads, and she writes beautifully.  Go, read, and fall in love.  And then do please come back again!

Now, TomofHolland.   This gentleman lives on the South Coast, he knits, he sews, and he darns.  And he writes beautifully too.   I too used to do a lot of handsewing, so I find his posts about sewing very interesting.  And he mends things too! - in fact he mends things beautifully.  I like mending things. I have always thought that mends do not always need to be invisible.  Very often they benefit from being visible - and it turns out that Tom of Holland agrees with this principle entirely.

Do read his post about mending That Green Cardigan.   It is wonderful!   And then, do read his post about mending a vintage Aquascutum coat with a terrible hole at the side, and a nasty tear where the pocket attached, quite awkward to deal with - and such a tidy result!   I could wish for the opportunity to try such a thing, but alas there are no vintage Aquascutum coats in my wardrobe in the first place, so I will just have to enjoy this one vicariously.

Regarding handsewing - in my student days I had no sewing machine, and I made a lot of my own clothes, so handsewing was what I did, and I became quite good at it (says she modestly).   I have had an electric sewing machine since then but to be honest I did not really like it, and I soon returned to a machine similar to that which my mother used to have, an old Singer.  Mine is about 120 years old and still in good working order   However I rarely use it.  Usually I still sew by hand.

Now, regarding darning.  I darn socks routinely, and patching and mending is also routine for me.  There is always a pile of mending waiting to be done.  And I'm sure this is the case for everyone.   Or am I wrong?

Because Tom of Holland is running classes in darning.  And this has me just a bit puzzled.   Is darning really such a lost art?    I thought everybody knew how to do it.  

Is this not the case......?

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