Friday, 8 March 2013


I always associate the name Santorini with those gorgeous domed roofs against the blue Aegean Sea - or is it actually the Aegean?  Geography has never been my strong point....

Anyway, something like this -

Blue sky - blue dome - blue sea - and preferably with some beautiful flowers spilling out of terracotta pots on a stone terrace - you'll just have to imagine them....  I've never been there, but I can dream.....

And then Rowan produced this design in Rowan 53 and called it Santorini, which is where that particular story was photographed - and you know, beautiful though it was, it didn't quite click for me.

Not quite.  Almost, though.  It had the flowers ....

Then a friend of mine, Jane Crowfoot, asked me to knit up this design for her, but with some changes.   A little alteration to the shoulderline - lose the sleeves and just have a neat little ribbed border instead - and change the colours.  The changes to the colours - well, let us just say that the changes were quite drastic.

We both thought they would work - and let's face it, Jane is a very experienced designer, and she does know what she's doing when it comes to colour and shape.  And when I opened the parcel of yarn, I knew in my heart of hearts that this couldn't be anything but stunning.

But you know how it is - you still want to see it for real.  You still want to see the actual fabric,So I zoomed through the back as fast as I could, and then zoomed up the front to where the colourwork started, and six days after I'd started, I'd reached this point.

It was going to work.

A few days later it was looking even better -

And the knitting did not take long to finish.   (Those locking stitch markers lurking at the side are for keeping count of rows.  That's my usual trick, and a very useful one too, I think.)

We will not discuss the amount of time spent sewing in ends on the back.  This took longer than all the knitting, including the colourwork.  But it was worth it.

Less than three weeks after I started, this was what I had.

I was so pleased with it.  It isn't very often that the opportunity comes along to knit something like this, and I knew that this was something very special.

The flowers had really worked beautifully in their new colours, and the blue background was just perfect.

And then! - Jane Crowfoot sent me some more pictures.  Her lovely daughter had very kindly agreed to model this garment, and it looks even better in wear.  Also, of course, Jane takes much better pictures than I do.

Here it is then - Santorini.   I'm really rather pleased with this.


Mairead said...

That is stunning! The colours are amazing and really bring the idea of Santorini to life.

Joan said...

Oooh-- elevated right out of the eighties and definitely more wearable! All those ends? Better you than me! :)

Claire said...

I fell in love with this when Rowan shared it on their FB page! What a fab job you have done! Thanks for liking my Knitandpurlgarden Facebook page. I'm so pleased to be 'working' with Rowan in a small way too!