Saturday, 16 March 2013


More about blogs this morning.

I do follow a lot of blogs, more than 80 at last count, although most of those people don't post every day, or even every week. Some of them are in my sidebar, down there on the right hand side.  Many more of them are not, and I really must update that list.  If your blog isn't visible in my list, please accept my apologies, and please don't think I'm ignoring you.  I'm just usually knitting.  Also, I'm lazy.

Anyway.  Google Reader has been my standby for a while now.  It keeps track of all the blogs to which I subscribe. I have one little icon on my bookmark toolbar and all I have to do is click there - and instantly, there I have a list of all the new posts which are waiting to be read.  Lovely!

Except that Google are going to throw it in the bin.

They've given us quite a lot of notice - 1st July 2013 will be the date of its demise.

What to use instead?  I asked Google yesterday, as one does nowadays, and the consensus of opinion seemed to be that Feedly was the way to go.

So off I went, and yesterday everything seemed to be fine.  I worked out how to go from just seeing the first few sentences of a post, to seeing the whole of a post - I worked out how to mark a post as read, when it was a short post and there was no scrolling down to be done - and I worked out how to move through the list.  All very intuitive and user friendly. This was a keeper.  I bookmarked my Feedly Homepage. Good!

Today, not so good.  Feedly just keeps telling me 'synchronizing feedly v. 14.0.468. Please wait..'

Grrrrr.  What am I doing wrong?  Help!

Also - darning?  Anybody?  Is it only me?


Barb said...

I am wondering what to change to from Google Reader also, so no technical help here. I looked at one called "The Old Reader" and thought about moving over there. Keep us posted about Feedly.

Anonymous said...

No idea about Google, sorry, but darning, well something I've been thinking about, specially regarding some socks which I really love - am thinking if investing in one of those mushroom thingies but need to research correct technique. Thanks for the links in your last post, I've read TomofHolland's lovely blog and will be going back for more, am saving the other one for tomorrow!
Terdotty x

Chris Llew said...

Yes Fiona, I sometimes darn - taught by mum with a wooden "mushroom" and around the same time taught to "turn a shirt collar" and stitch worn sheets "sides to middle". Now a disposable age but I still get my knitted and sewn toys from my grandchildren who think I'm an ace mender!