Thursday, 21 March 2013

Caeli furor aequinoctialis

It is a long time since I first came across this lovely phrase, sitting in my school desk back at Northern Grammar School for Girls in Portsmouth.  I think it would have been 1968, probably, and I'd have been about 12.    It is Catullus, of course - who else produces such sonorous phrases? - Catullus 46, if memory serves, which I think it actually might, in this case.

I came across it again the other day, vide Jean's Knitting, and was just as enchanted as I was when I first encountered it.

The equinox itself has of course now come and gone, and the supposed 'raging of the equinoctial sky', which wasn't really very much to write home about after all, has come and gone as well.

Today it is just raining a bit, and I am off out with Jess in a bit, after I've been to the post office.  I do wish the postman would knock at the door these days, when there is a parcel, instead of just dropping a little card through the letterbox and walking away - it is apparent that he hasn't brought the parcel out in his van with him at all - but perhaps I should refrain from saying any more.  I shall instead go to the sorting office and see what it is.  Perhaps it is a very large parcel, too large for his van, but somehow I doubt this.

I do wish I could show some pictures of what I am knitting at the moment, because it is such fun, and so pretty as well.  I am making squares, I can tell you that - colourwork squares, using all sorts of different Rowan yarns, and it feels just like playing with a paintbox.  And having said that, it is far too many years since I did such a thing.

The nicest surprise, I think, is Anchor Artiste Metallic.  It is so soft! - lovely to work with, and a well-behaved fabric.  So if you should encounter a pattern that requires this yarn, don't hesitate.  It's a good yarn.

Off out the door now....

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