Sunday, 17 March 2013

By Jove she's got it!

Regarding Feedly, the penny has finally dropped.

(And GBS would shudder, probably.)  Never mind.  I have it all sorted out now.

Feedly is an app. That is what it all comes down to.  And I have a laptop, not a clever phone or a tablet or anything like that.  It is a somewhat elderly laptop - we were trying to work it out the other day, and we think it is eleven years old now.  But it works, and it works very well for everything that I want it to do, although it is a bit slow to load some rather 'busy' pages these days, and it is quite happy as long as I don't ask it to do too many things at the same time.

Where was I?  Ah yes, Feedly.  Which is, let me repeat, an app.  These days I use Chrome.  Not Internet Explorer, at the very thought of which I shudder - if you are still using it, I urge you to stop immediately.  Well, not quite immediately, obviously.  Please finish reading this, first.  Not Firefox either, although it is very much better than IE.  But Chrome, which is streets better than either of the aforementioned.  And Chrome supports apps.

And lest you think that I really have knowledge of such things, I will tell you at this point that I know this not on my own account, but from what my clever son tells me.  He is a software engineer who writes extremely specialist code nowadays, and I completely do not understand what he does.  However when he advises me to do (or not do) something computer-related, I pay attention, and act upon what he tells me.

It is very strange for me to think now that my very first job was as a computer programmer, using Fortran, back in the 70's before I went off to university.  Yes, before uni, not after - just through the summer holidays, after I left school.  I learnt Fortran from reading a computer manual.  It did have the advantage of letting me skip the (usually) requisite first year computing course, at least - I attended the first couple of lectures, realised that I really had covered all this and a good bit more besides, had a word with the lecturer, who asked some questions and arranged for me to sit the final exam the next day, which I passed with flying colours, and that was the end of my computing studies.

That was back in the days when a computer was as big as a bungalow and lived at the end of a telephone line and had to be talked to via a card sorter and paper tape.  One of the chaps in the lab could read the paper tape without having to put it through the reader, a dark art indeed.

I think that perhaps I ought to retitle this post 'Getting Sidetracked'.


Is An App!  (At least, it is for Chrome.)

The homepage of Chrome, which browser I recommend to you all, shows nice big clear sensible icons for various apps, some of which are put there automatically by Chrome because they are so standard, and some of which arrive automatically when you add them.  On my homepage, for instance, I see there is Gmail, Google Search, and YouTube.  Also - ahem - there might be Angry Birds, which we will not discuss.

Also, as I'm sure you will have guessed, on my homepage is the icon for Feedly.   It was only right in the middle of the page, right under my nose, all the time.

Where I was going wrong was bookmarking it.  No bookmarking required - at least, not for Chrome.  Go to and get yourself the version for your browser, and off you go.  And if you haven't yet got Chrome, have a look around online and sort that out for yourself first.  It is, of course, free. And so is Feedly.

Feedly is very good indeed, by the way.  Do I dare to say it is better than Google Reader?  I think that I do.

It is all very intuitive and simple to use.  For instance, if the post is long, and you've scrolled down reading it, and you've come to the end - you might find yourself thinking, hmm, I want to go back to the top and read that first bit again - and there is a little thing to click to take you back to the top of the page!  and another to click to move to the next item! - they've thought of everything, it seems.  So far, at least.

It is excellent.

Knitting? - another day, I promise.  I am knitting, lots of interesting things actually.   And I want to talk about darning, too.  Thankyou so much for the comments, I knew I couldn't be alone! - and yes, shirt collars and sheets too.

This has turned out to be a somewhat eclectic post, has it not?  I wasn't expecting that when I started writing this morning.


Barb said...

Thank you Fiona for mentioning Feedly. I transitioned over with a touch of button and I love the lay out and look of the new site. Many thanks for the recommendation!

Barbara said...

OK, you've persuaded me to try Chrome (instead of Firefox).