Wednesday, 13 February 2013

I'm a happy knitter

Finally a quiet day. The last couple of weeks have been far too busy.  Really, I must try to get into the habit of writing a post first thing in the morning again.  When I don't post for more than a week, I end up with so many things that I want to write about that I don't know where to begin.

What's on the needles is usually a good place to start, I believe.  Even better - what's not on the needles any more.

And that would be Santorini, which is the cover garment from Rowan 53, which I knitted for a private commission.    I've changed the colour presentation to prevent it from being identifiable, which is why it is in shades of grey.  In real life it is not grey at all, but very colourful and beautiful.

I did enjoy knitting this.   Less than three weeks from start to finish, and a stunning result.  And yes, I would make one for myself.  (And that one probably would be grey.)

I do like intarsia, both the process and the result.

On the needles at the moment is something equally gorgeous, and very different.

This is a sample for Alison Crowther-Smith - a new design.  This is a Colourwash Mobius Cowl - and I am having great fun with it.  In fact I can't remember when I last enjoyed knitting something as much as this - if that makes any sort of sense.

Not only I am actually knitting a mobius 'thing', which I haven't, before now - but also I am using Alison's lovely Colourwash technique, which is what produces the beautiful shading.  And all in Kidsilk Haze - honestly, I don't think knitting gets much better than this.

There are only three colours involved here - Dewberry, which is a clear purple;  Majestic, which is one of Rowan's chameleon colours, a sort of greyed lilac; and Shadow, which is a relatively new shade, and which I think is perhaps best described as a pale pearly Ashes of Roses.  It is a very 1930's - ish colour, and very beautiful.

I am currently working on the cast-off, which may take a little while to finish, but is eminently worthwhile because of the lovely fluffy result.

This cowl is very luxurious, and I'm looking forward to seeing what it is like when it is off the needles.

More Kidsilk Haze after that, again for Alison - and then another photography garment for Rowan, in yet another new yarn, which I must not show you and about which I must not drop any hints.  And after that, more things for another designer, for another book....

(Yes, the new yarn is gorgeous. I'm sure I'm allowed to say that.)

My own knitting? - I'll get there in the end!


Mairead said...

I love the cover garment from the latest magazone too! I have had a request for one from my eldest daughter - but without the flowers!

Mobiuses (mobii?) are great fun to knit, aren't they? But I don't envy you the casting off!

Fiona said...

Great fun, yes! And it is going to look gorgeous when it is done.

I wondered about the plural form of Mobius as well. Alison has pointed out that as the Mobius strip is named after a German mathematician, August Mobius, the plural is just Mobius strips.

Have fun with Santorini - but a pity to leave out the roses. What about a change of colour instead?

Anonymous said...

The Moebius is looking amazing Fiona, thank you! Ali X