Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow day

This morning we've got several inches of snow, and it is still coming down quite hard.

Every winter Jess greets the first snowfall with fresh amazement; it really is as if she completely forgets about it from year to year.  Right now she is out in the garden yet again - wading around in it, biting it, throwing it up in the air, and generally messing around, playing like a puppy.  She is very reluctant to come in, but eventually the cold brings her back to the house, wanting to be dried off and to have a little nap in a warm corner - and then as soon as she wakes, she wants to go out again.  It is lovely seeing her having such fun.

This is good weather for staying indoors and knitting, if you ask me.  Or crocheting, as in my case.

I've very nearly finished the crochet squares now - I have one in progress, and after that there is just one more remaining. Working these squares in different stitches has reminded me of when I did something like this once before.  When I was in my teens I taught myself to crochet, from a book belonging to my mother.  There was a section illustrating a couple of dozen different stitches, and I worked my way through the lot.  I didn't keep the squares, I just unravelled each one when I'd got the hang of the new stitch, and re-used the yarn for the next one.

Back then, I was working with the yarn carried in my right hand, and taking the yarn round the hook as if to knit.  This is because the diagrams in the book did not actually show hands in any of the 'how-to-crochet' section - there was just a hook, and the yarn, floating in midair.  So I just did what came naturally - being exclusively a right-hand-carry knitter, having only learnt that way - and had the yarn in my right hand for crochet as well.

When I started working as a Rowan DC at John Lewis a few years ago, I decided that I had to learn to crochet in the more usual way - with the yarn in the left hand.   This did not come easily at first, but now I am very glad that I made the change, and I much prefer working this way.  My tension is firmer and more even, and my hands and wrists are more comfortable.

I'm looking forward to finishing these squares though, and getting on with knitting something appropriately woolly that I can actually wear.  As usual after finishing a paid project, I want something for myself - and something quickly finished, too.  A new hat? - or mittens? - or fingerless gloves?  I've also just discovered this Reversible Stripes Scarf pattern - that's a free pattern, by the way -  and am very taken with it, but that's hardly going to be a quick knit.  So perhaps the fingerless gloves first, I think.  In Felted Tweed Aran, they would be a very quick knit, and that's a very sensible design, with the fold-down top.

Maybe I'll be able to cast on later today.  That would be good.

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Fiona said...

This Fiona is having a knitting snow day too. Will pick the crochet up too so the rsi is varied!