Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year

So here we are on the other side, again.   Still here, still knitting.  (And the fence is still standing, just.)

Last year was actually quite productive.  I completed 35 separate projects, although rather a lot of them were other people's knitting, and I cannot show pictures of several of those yet.

I have been somewhat distracted from my usual routine over the last few days.  The blame for that goes to a broken tooth, literally half an hour after the turn of the year.  I do now have a temporary fix, which is a great relief, I can tell you.   I've got to go back, of course, and get it fixed properly, and that is a moderately big deal.

Our dentist is not exactly local, you see.  We drive all the way up to Surrey - about two hours in the car, if the traffic is light - and we consider it entirely worthwhile, because of the standard of his work.  It is not common to find a dentist in the UK who is a member of the American Dental Association, as ours is, and the waiting room tends to be full of accents from the other side of the pond.  People do travel quite a long way to see him, and our two hour drive is not exceptional in context.

I finished the crochet swatches - well, most of them.  I am still waiting for two colours of yarn, when that turns up I shall be able to do the rest.  The ones which I have finished went back to the designer, who is pleased with them.  I was not quite so stupidly anxious about whether they would be acceptable, as I have been previously - perhaps I am actually getting over that, which would be sensible.  

And it has just occurred to me that I forgot to take pictures of the swatches before I sent them off .....  Well, darn.

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