Monday, 14 January 2013

How did that happen?

I don't know how it comes to be halfway through January already - but it is no bad thing.  This is because it means that we are now halfway through winter, and this is definitely a pleasant thought, even though the worst of the weather is undoubtedly still to come.  The evenings are getting noticeably lighter now, and this is A Good Thing.

Today I had yet another trek up the M3 to the dentist, and it was a great relief to discover that the horribly expensive things that were initially mentioned as possibly being required are not going to be needed after all.  No root canal, no metal post, no crown.  There does have to be one final visit to finish everything off appropriately - but that's the lot.  We hope.

In general it has been very quiet here, and I've been busy.

One thing that I have actually completed is someone else's knitting.   A lady in her 80's (the mother of someone that I know) had knitted Seth, from Kim Hargreaves book Shadows, and was unable to finish it because she had injured her hand.  So I said I'd do it, and a parcel of knitting duly arrived.  

Incidentally, this caused a big double take from my husband, who came back from walking the dog to discover me with a lapful of knitting which he had certainly never seen before.  (Where did that lot come from?  Did you do that?)

All that I had to do was knit the last little section, block the pieces, seam, work the buttonband and neckband, block one last time, and send it back to its rightful owner.  This pattern is full of lovely little tailoring details, as is often the case with Kim Hargreaves' patterns, and I always enjoy finishing a garment - this one was no exception.  

I hope that the recipient will wear it in good health.  I do know that she is a very good knitter - I have rarely seen such beautiful even tension.

Once again I am working on the crochet swatches.  I was waiting for more yarn colours at one point, but that duly turned up, and all I need now is to actually get on and finish them off.

My husband has started asking plaintively if I am still knitting Fastnet.  Yes I am - just rather slowly.

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