Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A bit parky

It is still quite chilly here.  We don't have anything by way of sub-zero temperatures, it is just hovering a few degrees above freezing - not dissimilar to being inside a fridge.  This means, of course, that all the snow is thawing, leaving everything very wet.  If we do get another hard frost, then there will be a lot of black ice.

It has been trying to snow again all day today, but a bit half-heartedly, and it hasn't stayed.  I would be very happy indeed to see the sun come out tomorrow and dry everything off a bit, but that does seem rather unlikely.  Still, spring isn't so very far away.

I did make a pair of fingerless mitts over the weekend, using some oddments of Felted Tweed Aran left over from my Victor(ia), and 4mm needles to give a dense fabric.  They are very warm and ideal for dog walking as I don't need to keep taking them off - but the fabric is oddly prickly in wear.  This is unexpected as I've had no such issues with the pullover made from the same yarn.   I think that perhaps I should wash them and give them a rinse in fabric conditioner.

Here they are, looking rather unexciting.   But they are certainly useful.  The pattern, which incidentally is very well written indeed, can be found here.   It is unusual because of the neatly fitted thumb, which the designer credits to June Hemmons Hiatt, author of The Principles of Knitting.  The idea is one to remember, as it makes a considerable difference to the fit.

I'm working on a privately commissioned garment at the moment.  I do wish that I could put up some pictures as it really is going to be very gorgeous, but that wouldn't be appropriate.  At the moment I am flying along as nothing complicated is happening, and I expect to continue flying along until I hit the colourwork, at which point there will be a dramatic slow-down.

In the meantime though, it is nice to see the work growing so quickly.

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