Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Not knitting

I've been a bit unwell for some days now, and although things do now seem to be heading in the right direction, I am a long way from being back to normal.

So I am going to stay quiet for a bit and just rest, and focus on getting some strength back.  For several days now I haven't knitted a single stitch, and even yesterday I only crocheted for about an hour.  But I did sleep a lot.

I was going to say something about that - the crochet, I mean, which is currently my main project.  I am making swatches of lots and lots of different crochet stitches.  I know it is for a book, and that's all that I know.  I'm not allowed to show any pictures, of course.

It is actually great fun though - basically, here I have lots and lots of little projects that are all quickly finished, all different and all in lovely yarn, using different colours.

Just what I want right now, in fact.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you better very soon, hugs xx
Terdotty on ravelry

fishfarms said...

Oh Fiona, I hope you are better soon. Rest is so beneficial. Lots and lots of rest.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Fiona.

Sorry you are under the weather. Hope you soon feel better and are back to your knitting. Take care.