Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Knitting is good

I've just had a really long day.

It is never a good thing when you arrive in the hospital waiting room and discover a notice saying that your consultant is currently running with a delay of 90 minutes - and it turned out to be even longer than that, in the end.   However it does help a lot when you have your knitting in your handbag - and I'd taken along the plastic bag containing my Rowan project.   So there I was, knitting away happily on Thing A, and you know how it goes - people always ask about the knitting.

Is it a scarf? - no, not a scarf, it's actually a *****.  (Number of asterisks unrelated to number of letters in name of Thing.  And yes, I did just tell you that it's not a scarf.  But you probably guessed that anyway.)

Much ooh-ing and aah-ing - much admiring of fabric and pattern.  (Told you they were both gorgeous.  They are.)

One lady said she wished she'd brought her knitting, but it was nearly as good sitting and watching me knit.

Another lady said she'd stopped knitting because her hands and wrists had become too stiff due to arthritis.  Cue discussion about how helpful bamboo needles can be.  She said she'd have to try that, she missed knitting.

Questions about my choice of needles - my usual circs.  Was I knitting round and round? - how did that work? - no, I'm just working to and fro as usual - see?  Cue discussion about how this helps with painful hands and wrists, because the weight of the work is in your lap, not on the end of the needle.  And the lady with arthritis said she'd have to try that too.....

The time just flew by.

Knitting is good, you know.


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Can't wait to see the Thing! It sounds like one of the "heirloom" variety Rowan patterns, the ones you'll keep for a lifetime because it's so beautiful, costly, or complicated. It all makes for a suspenseful post!