Friday, 7 December 2012

I should not be doing this right now

I am not knitting Thing A at the moment, lovely though it is.  I know that I'll pay for this later - knitting 'til midnight, knitting the next morning whilst the coffee brews, knitting while the water runs hot for the shower - knitting every spare second basically - but I have no choice.  It is not my fault, it is all down to Rowan.  More specifically, Rowan's pattern for Edmund the Bunny.  

This cute bunny is the perfect Easter gift for any child and can be knitted usin

I could not resist.  (Picture blatantly pinched from the Rowan website.)

I have one ball of wool left over from the Apple Tree Blanket. (More about that later.)  I had intended to make a little soft toy to go with the blanket, if there was enough wool - and there is - but I had overlooked the possibility that there might not be enough time.  Our new little neighbour arrived a couple of days ago, some weeks early, and there was a lot of frantic last minute knitting to get the blanket finished.   Anyway - Edmund the Bunny is on the needles right now, and I hope he will be finished soon, because I really should be knitting Thing A.

And on that subject, a couple of things.  Please don't imagine for one minute that when I said people were admiring the pattern, that I was passing the written pattern around the hospital waiting room.  No.  They were admiring the fabric - the pattern of the fabric.  

Also, when I say that I dropped my knitting in my handbag - there was a bit more to it than that.  I didn't just grab the needles and yarn and drop it all in the handbag.  When I am knitting for other people, I do take great care of the work - it isn't mine, after all.  I keep it in a resealable plastic bag, together with a soft clean cloth that goes over my lap, and in which the project is wrapped.  What I picked up and dropped in my handbag - and yes, it is a nice capacious bag - was the resealable bag with the knitting inside, wrapped in a cloth.

And no, the reference to the size of my handbag is not necessarily a reference to the size of Thing A.  After all, my husband says that I have the kitchen sink in there somewhere....


ChrisLlew said...

What do the men do when they want something carrying? Give it to their womenfolk! When Rowan finally publish their "Nos 1&2, and A&B", can you put pictures on your blog - I'm still wondering what the beautiful, grey beaded garment finally looked like.

Fiona said...

I will indeed put pictures on here when I am allowed, which will be when the patterns are published. I'm looking forward to that!

And there will be more on the grey beaded Secret Thing in the New Year, I hope. :)