Saturday, 8 December 2012

Apple Tree Blanket

Finally, here it is.

The pattern is called Apple Tree Blanket, and it is from Rowan, written by Martin Storey.  The wool is some anonymous pale green merino, and it really is pale green, not grey as my pictures seem to always come out.  And having said that, I can see that the colour is true in the picture above.

The pattern used to be free from the Rowan website but seems to have disappeared.  However if you want to make it, I'm sure that you could get a copy from Rowan - they are very obliging about out-of-print patterns.

I did enjoy knitting this.  The pattern is impeccably written, and the chart is easy to follow.  In fact, much to my surprise, I soon had it memorised.  There is nothing complicated here at all, and there is always something happening to make it interesting for the knitter.  And the finished blanket is a good size, as you can see - this is more of a cot blanket, definitely not just for the cradle days.

Once it was finished, it was very bouncy and the fabric was not lying flat at all - basically, it was much in need of blocking.  My usual steam iron was not appropriate as the apple trees would be at risk of getting flattened.  So I gave it a quick wash and a bath in fabric softener, and let it dry flat overnight.   There was something of a transformation - the fabric became soft and drapy.

I printed out a little gift tag (thankyou Eskimimi!), and we went round to our neighbours' house yesterday morning, with this blanket, a card and a bottle of bubbly.   We have not yet seen the new little baby boy, but all is well, and I am sure we will meet him soon.

I did attach one of my little labels - I rarely use these.  Perhaps I should do so more often.

Overall, I am really pleased with this and I would happily make it again.

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Anonymous said...

The little blanket is a lovely present, Fiona. Very sweet.