Sunday, 18 November 2012


Thing One and Thing Two are both done now - at least the knitting is done.  I do still have a bit of finishing remaining to do.

Tomorrow morning I shall take some pictures.  I cannot show them here of course, not until the patterns are published.  At that point I shall take great pleasure in showing them online, and talking in more detail about knitting these two Things, which I have very much enjoyed knitting.

Anyway - pictures, and then I wrap the Things up and then I shall take them to the post office and send them on their way.

And after that  I can get on with the Apple Tree Blanket, which really does need to be finished soon.

At the moment I am approaching the 60% mark - there will be five rows of blocks in the finished blanket, so that's very easy to work out.  Much to my surprise, I am starting to remember the pattern.  I do have the chart on my Kindle, though, to remind me.

It is so useful, being able to put knitting patterns on my Kindle - and there is a useful feature whereby I can magnify the charts, very helpful.

I haven't forgotten Fastnet, either.......

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Helen said...

Having knitting patterns on a tablet is wonderful, especially with the zooming. I only wish I could scribble on them too - actually, I expect you can, it's just a matter of hunting down the right app.