Monday, 12 November 2012


Well, that was exciting.  To those of you who responded with advice, thankyou very much indeed, I am very grateful for this.

I had no real difficulties sorting out my email accounts, because I have two-step verification turned on.  If you don't have this - well, I recommend that you do.

It means that if someone tries to log in to your email account from a location, or indeed a computer, that you don't normally use, then they are blocked.  Google won't let them log in, even if they have both your username and your password.  It means that to get into your email, a person needs to have something that you know - your email address and your password - and, because obviously they aren't using your usual computer, it means that they need to have something that you have - your mobile phone.

Whoever it was that tried to access my email accounts would have found they were asked to enter a code which Google would send to my mobile - and of course at that point they gave up.

I think that that something similar must apply to Facebook.  Nobody managed to get into my account, they just tried to, and failed, and then Facebook blocked normal access to the account because they thought (quite rightly) that  something fishy was going on.    I eventually obtained access via my Google account.  Again this involved codes being sent to my mobile phone.

So new passwords all round, and hopefully that is the end of it.

Now - knitting for Rowan.

Obviously I cannot talk about what I am knitting.  Actually it is two things, which will henceforth be known as Thing One and Thing Two.

What happens is just what you'd expect, really -  a parcel containing pattern and yarn arrives at your door, and off you go.  Obviously there is no picture of the finished item - because that's the point of it being sent to you for knitting in the first place.  But there is, in this case at least, a little sketch by the designer, so you know that you're on the right track.

There was bit of a pause over the weekend when I found something questionable in the pattern for Thing One, so I emailed Rowan, set Thing One aside and started Thing Two.   This morning I heard back - my suggested change is approved - and off I go again.....  

Goodness, that doesn't sound very interesting, does it. But the knitting is interesting, and I am looking forward to the finishing.  Yes, I am to do the finishing as well. I'm very pleased about this, because I like finishing and am proud of the quality of my work.

Anyway - lovely yarns, and lovely colours.  But this is Rowan, so that goes without saying really.

I could show you Fastnet, which I have started.  But honestly it isn't worth it.  Imagine 7cm of 2x2 ribbing in the same colour as this photograph - and that's what I've got so far.

I could show you the Apple Tree Blanket - that's coming on quite nicely as travel knitting, and I'm approaching the halfway point.  I might even get it finished before next door's baby arrives.   But I've gone on long enough, and I think that can wait until the next post.


Sel and Poivre said...

Well I have to say getting a parcel in the mail with yarn and instructions to work through sounds not only interesting but thrilling!

I've always wondered how that process worked! Thanks so much for sharing!

Fishfarms said...

So glad everything has worked out.

Looking forward to seeing Thing One and Thing Two.