Thursday, 8 November 2012

In a hurry.....

I have just ten minutes to spare before I go out the door to my Thursday knitting group, so this post is going to be reduced to bullet points.

  • Kaffe Fassett!   Go here, and scroll down a bit.   Kaffe Fassett is visiting John Lewis in Edinburgh on Thursday 29 November, 6pm.  If I lived nearer - it is more than 300 miles away from me - I'd be camping on the doorstep, I think.  There are still some tickets left.  

  • I finished two more pairs of baby socks for my neighbour, wrapped them up and presented them to her.  I think she liked them - she did ask for wool ones.

I was rather pleased with this.  They are incredibly cute - little tiny short row heels, and a decorative Greek cast-off over the top of the toes.  More on that anon, if anyone is interested.

  • I am going to be knitting some photography garments for Rowan.  I cannot talk about the garments themselves, of course.  But I am rather pleased about this, to say the least.  More on that anon, as well.  
Ok, out the door now.....

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