Wednesday, 17 October 2012

This never happens to me

I very rarely win prizes.  I don't know whether it is something to do with my surname - Winning - but it just doesn't happen.

Except that the other day, it did.  I have won a runner-up prize from The Making Spot.   It is a softback booklet - Irresistible Christmas Gifts to Knit - and I am rather pleased about it.

I am particularly pleased because amongst other things, it contains a copy of Martin Storey's pattern Homestead.

I have liked this pattern for a long time, but somehow never got round to buying Rowan Homestead Classics, which was the book where it was published.  And now I have the pattern, for free.  Excellent!  I've been looking through the stash, and have found Felted Tweed in Seafarer and Clay, which I think will work beautifully.

By the way, The Secret Thing is finished.  Normal knitting content will resume shortly!

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