Friday, 12 October 2012

And here's one I made earlier.....

The problem with secret sample knitting, when combined with blogging, is that it leaves one with no knitting to talk about.  This is quite frustrating when one is actually very enthusiastic about The Secret Thing, which is turning out to be quite stunningly beautiful - but there is not a lot to be done about it.  

But every so often something unexpected comes along, which is just perfect...

Here is something that I made earlier this year.

I knitted this as a sample for the wonderful Jane Crowfoot, and she now has the pattern for sale on her website, as part of her autumn collection.  It is available as a download, and it costs £3.25    (Picture with Jane's permission, of course.)    Jane says that it will soon also be available as a kit.

This wrap looks very intricate, but it is actually a lot easier to knit than it appears.  The trick is that the whole thing is knitted in blocks, which are connected as you go along.   At the end, there are just two straight seams to sew, and that's very easy indeed with mattress stitch.  When you do this, you see the pattern come to life - sections from one block link up with the one you are seaming next to it, and the whole thing comes together.

Don't worry about the beading, either, if you've never tried this before - it isn't difficult at all.  

I was so pleased with this when it was finished, and it is such a pleasure to look at Jane's picture and know that others will now be knitting this as well, and enjoying it as I did.

So just to recap - the pattern is here.  Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I really like that - and the colour combination is delicious. I'm intrigued by the construction too.... hmmm, thanks!

Oh dear, I must not start another project, I must not start another project....