Saturday, 20 October 2012

Almost too much

I seem to have rather a lot of things on the needles at the moment, all of which I want to knit immediately, because I like them so much, and all of which I am enjoying immensely.

There is a second Hyacinth scarf - just a few rows so far, and reserved for knitting in the car.  This one is Delphinium, with Smoke Kidsilk Haze - the same colours used by Kaffe Fassett originally.  (The marker is to remind me which is the right side, ie the side that I need to work the shaping.)

There is another pair of baby socks, with a cable rib this time, and a tiny little cable going down each side of the foot - I've finished the first one, and have started the second.  Again, these are reserved for knitting in the car.

There is Ross.  I've finished the back, and cast on for the first pocket lining.  I ought to get on with this, it won't take long to finish and I'd like to be wearing it now, it is the right sort of weather.

There is Color Affection (sic, American spelling), which I won't show here, because I am knitting it for a friend.  This is lovely knitting, actually - I do love garter stitch.  There was a certain amount of messing around at the beginning, because I found it hard to believe that all those increases by means of M1 - you know, lifting the bar between the needles and working into that, with a twist to close the gap - I couldn't believe it was what was best.  Surely it would pull in far too much, and I even swatched, and then started using kfb instead - I had very nearly convinced myself that would be better.  But, finally, I stopped second guessing the designer, and got on with the pattern as written.  The only thing I am changing is the cast-on - I have used a two stitch garter tab, which blends into the two stitch edging pretty much perfectly.

And finally, there is the Apple Tree Blanket, intended for my neighbour's baby.  Plenty of time here, the little one isn't due until just before Christmas, but I know how things can get put off when you think you have lots of time to do them, and then you end up with a big last minute panic.  So I have started this already.

Here you see it not exactly looking its best, but I hope you can also see how utterly charming this is going to be.  It is great fun to knit, and the whole thing is beautifully thought out.  The pattern is from Martin Storey, it was a free pattern on the Rowan website at one point, which is where I got it.

Once again, I find myself wishing for more hours in the day.

We are off on the boat this afternoon, just for a day or two.  Jess is visiting the groomer first, she is looking a bit like a mop on legs at the moment and it is high time that she was tidied up.  I have a strong suspicion that she won't stay tidy for very long, though.

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Fay said...

I love that apple tree blanket! Gorgeous!