Wednesday, 5 September 2012

News from your roving reporter

Home again.... and it is September, which comes as something of a surprise to me.  I had lost track - that can happen on the boat.

August hasn't been entirely easy - we've had such a lot of engine problems with the  boat.  Actually not the engine itself, but the engine mounts.  The first set lasted 18 years, but since these were replaced about 18 months ago we've been going through replacement sets faster and faster, and nobody seemed to be able to identify the reason why this was happening.  

Finally though, things seem to be sorted out.   We intended to go off for just a couple of days to check that the engine wasn't going to collapse again - and we've ended up being away for nearly a week.

Home again today, the washing machine goes on, email is checked (hmm, 94 things in the inbox, far too many), collect parcels from the sorting office, and so on and so forth....

A decision has been made this morning.  It is high time we sorted out a way to check email whilst we are on the boat.  So I have very bravely ordered a dongle, which I am reliably assured is what we need.  If we have a phone signal then we can get online.  The waterways are not a priority for the network providers, so this isn't a certainty by any means.  Only one way to find out how successful it is - try it! - so that is what we are going to do.

And just so this isn't a post without a photo - here is the very last bridge, on our way home.

Lovely sunshine - could we be in for an Indian summer?  I do hope so.

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