Monday, 24 September 2012

Knitting in the rain

I was very tempted to title this post, 'Twas a dark and rainy night morning.  However I have restrained myself.

We came home at the weekend, because some heavy weather was forecast.  It is nice to be back at the house again.  Right now I have the place to myself, because my other half has gone to take his mother to a hospital appointment - a long drive on a dark rainy morning.  But very necessary.

Jess thinks it is all very exciting when we get up early and, not surprisingly, wants her breakfast early as well.  We, however, are wise to this, and don't co-operate - because if she gets her breakfast early one day, she'll want it early the next day as well, and the day after, and she'll wake us up accordingly.  I swear she has a clock in her tummy.  (Captain Hook's crocodile comes to mind.)   So for most of the last hour, she's been sitting alternately by her bowl and by the door of the cupboard where her food is kept, giving very pointed looks at the bowl, the cupboard, and me. I think she thinks I am a bit slow on the uptake.

Right now she's asleep next to me on the sofa (yes, she has us quite well trained really) with a full tummy.  It is getting light outside now, and it is raining hard.  And I am knitting.

I've had so many lovely things through my hands in recent weeks, all sample knits, and all such a pleasure.  Last but not least is the current version of the Singing River Shrug from Alison Crowther-Smith - last time I posted, I had just started.   A couple of days ago I had nearly finished the first side -

- and right now, I am working on the last part of the second side.

The first version of this shrug had a laced ribbon-back - this version is to have a grafted back, and will double as a rather special scarf.   One sleeve and half-back is finished, and the other is nearly done, I am just working on the half-back part of it.  Today the knitting will be finished, and I shall graft the two pieces together, and block it gently.   And then there will be a picture, and I shall pack everything up and send it off to its rightful owner.

And after that? - I have the back of Ross half-finished and waiting on the needles.  I shall cast on for Fastnet, for my husband - he wants quite a few changes to the pattern, which will be interesting.  And I shall also be casting on for a baby blanket, as our neighbours are expecting their first baby - lovely!

Finally, a picture from the boat, in the sunshine.  Neither Jess nor the swan are quite sure about the situation...

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