Friday, 25 May 2012

Wrap Cardigan

Here is my black Wrap Cardigan.

This pattern is from the book Sarah Dallas Knitting.  I made the medium size, and I needed 12 balls of Rowan Wool Cotton in the main colour, plus of course a single ball in the contrast colour.  It is a good thing that I always buy extra yarn - the pattern says 11 balls of the main colour for the size I made.

I am pleased with the finished result, which certainly isn't going to get much wear for a little while - it is still very warm and humid here.  I like layering, and this is exactly the sort of thing that works beautifully.

The nature of this garment is that the cast-on and cast-off edges tend to roll, and the moss stitch borders along the front tend to flip.   There is very little shaping, and there are no fastenings.   The collar is wide and soft, and drapes well. And yes, the contrast stripe is only worked on one of the front sections. Because of this, the whole thing is visually assymetric.  Overall it is very casual, very easy to wear, very good for layering.

We are going off on the boat again very soon.  We can only go in one direction at the moment - west - because the canal is closed just east of our home mooring, and is likely to remain closed for some weeks yet.   Apparently a culvert has been leaking, and when they began the repair it was realised that things were much worse than had been thought.  British Waterways have had to completely drain a large section of the canal to do the work, and are being somewhat vague about when we can expect the canal to re-open.  For the time being, it remains closed.

This has caused great disappointment for lots of people who had been planning to be on the Thames when the Jubilee procession went through - certainly it will be something that will not happen again in our lifetime, and would have been a wonderful experience.  We had thought of doing this ourselves, but alas it is no longer an option.

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