Thursday, 24 May 2012

Home again

We have, of course, been off on the boat.  The weather has been beautiful, and this is always a signal for us to escape if at all possible.  We had to return home yesterday, somewhat reluctantly, because there are appointments to be kept over the next few days.

And as always on the boat, I've got lots of knitting done, which means that my wrap cardigan is now complete.  I haven't taken a picture yet, because I still need to steam some of the seams.  Pictures and more information when I've done that, which ought to happen today.

There will be another garment on the needles very soon, but in the meantime I've been continuing with the Earth Stripe Curtain.  Still gorgeous, but not really what one wants to be knitting whilst the weather is so warm and humid.

Other than that, I have been continuing with the sock knitting as usual.  The current pair is for my husband, to my usual pattern, and is completely mindless knitting.  I do find that it is good to have a project like this, which can be picked up at odd moments as a car passenger, or in waiting rooms.

After I've finished these - which won't be long, as I am on the second sock now - I want to make a pair for myself with some rather nice yarn which was given me by my daughter a few years ago.  This pair will be worked from the toe upwards, as I am not sure how tall I can make them with this yardage.  I also plan to try a short row heel in this pair - the one used in Adrienne Fong's pattern Serendipity.  I knitted these socks several years ago  - here is my version - and they do fit me well.   However because I don't know this pattern off by heart, this means that they won't be mindless knitting, at least not for the first sock.  So I shall probably start another pair for waiting rooms.

I have tried so many different sock toes and heels over the years, and my 'basic sock' has been adjusted accordingly.  I have finally arrived at a version that seems to be ideal for my husband, but I haven't yet found the pattern that is best for myself.   There is always something new to try.

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