Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Green Opal

I finished this shawl a few days ago, and sent it off to my daughter towards the end of last week.  It has now arrived, so I can write about it - it was a surprise, you see.

I was very pleased with it - the colour is lovely, I think - and my daughter likes it too.   This really is an excellent pattern, and it makes such a lovely garment.  The colour is called Pistachio, but really it is more like a green lemon.

Rather pleasing, anyway.

From the comments -

Penny, a French Toe is usually worked on top down socks.  You need a number of stitches which is a multiple of 6, plus 3.  I arrange my stitches evenly on three needles rather than my usual 4, and work decreases at each end of each needle, every other round.  I like to put one decrease section in the middle of the sole stitches, and the other two are then symmetrically placed on the top.  The decreases are worked in the usual way, with two plain stitches in between - ssk, k2, k2tog - with the needle change in the middle of the k2.

You carry on decreasing until you've got 15 sts left, 5 on each needle of course, then work double decreases at each decrease 'column', leaving you with 9 sts.  And then just thread through and fasten off.

This is a sharper rate of decrease than many sock toes, I find it fits my foot nicely.

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Tuppence said...

Thanks, Fiona. Hope to try this way of de erasing next time I knit some socks.

The neck cosy looks very good.