Sunday, 22 April 2012

Now with actual knitting content!

I've finished several things over the past few days.

I have reworked the Inside Out Socks that I made several years ago.

I unravelled the cast-off at the top of each leg and reworked the socks without the cables - much more comfortable to wear like this.  I know I've said it before - function is paramount for me, with knitting.  Knitted garments are for wearing.....   Anyway, these are now getting worn, which they were not, before.

I've also finished another pair of socks, these were a very quick knit as the yarn is DK weight.

The yarn was given to me as a gift several years ago.  There was a good-sized skein of variegated yarn, and a small skein of toning contrast yarn intended for the toes and heels - and it is lovely yarn, too, soft and very lustrous.

I very much enjoyed knitting these.  My usual pattern, 56 stitches this time, and 2.75mm needles, with a French Toe - my current favourite.

I mentioned last time that I had a new way of casting off at the top of socks.  The main reason that I don't often knit socks from the toe up is that I don't like the way the cast-off edge looks - a traditional cast-off is not elastic enough, a lace cast-off is too loose.  A sewn cast-off is better, but not perfect - until now.

If you go here, you can read about the Interlock Bind-off.  This is it, really.  This method duplicates the appearance of a normal cast-on edge, and it is just right.  You may be seeing more toe-up socks here, very soon.

And finally, I'll leave you with a picture of the canal, on a busy Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Catch up!

So many things....

The Earth Stripe curtain, first.  Predictably, my idea of working 10 rows a day and having this finished in next to no time has sadly fallen by the wayside.  I have finished the striped section, but have not yet completed the first pattern repeat in the lace.  But I will continue to pick this up as the mood takes me - sometimes, you know, nothing will do but Kidsilk Haze.   And in moments like that, this is just the thing.

I have started a pullover for myself in Rowan Alpaca Cotton, the pattern is called Rumble, and is from Kim Hargreaves' excellent book Shadows.  This is the first time I've worked with this relatively new yarn, and I find myself pleasantly surprised - the fabric is very light and soft, with an excellent drape.  I am not so keen on working with 7mm needles, though - Kim does like using yarns at non-standard tensions - and I am having my usual problems with tension.  The stitch count is fine, the row count is oddly adrift.  I just don't get on with large needles, it is increasingly clear.

(Resolution - I must use up or give away all the yarn that needs needles larger than 5mm, and I must not get any more, no matter how tempting it might seem.)

Anyway, I have finished the back and have started the front.  It is easy, pleasant knitting.

I have also started a third Opal, in beautiful pale green Kidsilk Aura.  And - oops - that's another thing on giant needles. 9mm, in this instance.  Never mind, Kidsilk Aura is discontinued now, so I am not likely to be making this shawl again.

All these starts - but I have finished one thing, a pair of socks for my husband.

My usual pattern, using Regia yarn in swirls of two shades of green.  Not really camouflage, although that seems to be the first thing that people say about them.

On the needles at the moment are my Inside Out socks, originally completed back in 2007 but not worn very much, due to the ankles being too constricting.   This is what they originally looked like - they can be worn either way round as you choose.

I have unpicked the cast-off at the top of the leg - that was interesting - and unravelled down to just before the cabling started.  Now I am reknitting them in plain 2x1 ribbing without cables.  I have a new method for casting off at the top, more on that anon.  So far I have completed reworking the first sock and am well into the second.

And, of course, we have been off on the boat.   You see the strangest things, sometimes.

Free-range sculpture, I do believe, intended as pure entertainment.  So here's another picture.