Saturday, 10 March 2012

One out of three

Well, I don't know quite what happened there.   Fresh starts are all very well, but one does have to continue onwards as well.  Hopefully I've got my act together regarding that bit, now.  

First - as several people have asked - I am well.  In fact I'm really well, better than I'd ever have hoped.   So is my lovely husband, and so is Jess.

Second - I have been knitting, and I've actually finished three pullovers so far this year.  Unfortunately I hated one of them and immediately unravelled the whole thing, and used the yarn to knit something else, so I've only got two finished pullovers to show for my efforts - and I'd only class one of those as a success.

My husband's Lima pullover was finished in January.  I have tried several times to take a decent photo of this, and failed dismally.  It is a very, very dark green with overtones of black - and incredibly difficult to photograph.  So, no picture here.

This was a basic raglan pullover, and I made the huge mistake of working it all in one piece.  Don't do this, people - not with Lima, not with a pullover as big as this one.  Lima is lovely yarn, and it makes a fabric that is beautifully soft and luxurious - and stretchy.  So, of course, it stretches, and a garment in this yarn needs seams to give it structure.

Structure can be added, of course - so far I have worked a line of single crochet around the neckline, which has helped a lot, and I shall probably do the same along the raglan shaping lines soon.

Next up was a design from Kate Davies, her Owls pullover.  This is a lovely pattern, very well written, and I positively zoomed through it - using Stylecraft Nature's Way Chunky, by the way, in Herdwick which is a blend of light and dark grey undyed wool, a bargain purchase from Kemps.  And I tried it on, and I hated it.  Fitted chunky pullovers, apparently, just don't work for me.

So I unravelled the whole thing, very annoyed with myself.  And immediately cast on for another pullover for my husband, with the salvaged yarn.

This time I made him a top down raglan, no particular pattern, very simple indeed.   The sleeves and hem are tipped with dark navy Peace Fleece Worsted.   It fits comfortably, it suits the recipient well, and it isn't going to stretch out of shape or misbehave itself in any way, I sincerely hope.

This pullover, finally, works. 


Barbara said...

Nice to see another post from you and to know that you have been busy knitting all the time. Do keep writing!

Joan said...

Hi Fiona, I totally agree with Barbara. Welcome back!

Gail (Fishfarms) said...

So glad you are back, Fiona!