Monday, 26 March 2012

Kidsilk Haze forever...

It is time to recommence regular blogging again, I feel.

Knitting has continued, even though writing has not.  I have altered my husband's grey pullover - despite my optimistic thoughts when I last posted, the pullover turned out to be too long, and the rolled edgings curled rather too much.

So I removed the dark navy edgings, unravelled about three inches of fabric on the body, and used the unravelled yarn to work ribbing at all the hems.  Now it really does work - and also, of course, it is now too warm for thick wool pullovers.

That may not last though, we often have lovely weather around Eastertime and it doesn't necessarily mean that we are going to have a good summer.  So we just enjoy it while it lasts.

The Midwinter Socks are finished.  I started these on December 21st last year, hence the name.  I am very pleased with these, this is an excellent pattern.  The lace has just a nice amount of stretch, and the toe shaping is particularly good and produces a very good fit for me - unusual to find a pattern decreasing 6 sts every other round instead of 4, and I like the result much more than I thought I would.  I intend to use this toe again.

At the moment I have several things on the needles, but am spending quite a lot of my knitting time working on my Earth Stripe Curtain, because I want to have it finished - it has been on the needles for far too long. Ravelry lists just 5 projects for this pattern, and it looks as if I am the only person actually working on the curtain at the moment - and there isn't a finished curtain yet, other than a modified smaller version using a single solid colour.  I have nearly reached the end of the striped section - 184 rows of non-repeating stripes, written out line by line, using a single end of Kidsilk Haze, on 4mm needles.  I am up to Row 160, and I hope to have the remaining stripe rows out of the way as fast as I can.

With more than 300 stitches on the needle, a row takes me 5 minutes - I can't go faster than that with Kidsilk Haze.  I am trying to complete at least 10 rows a day - that takes me about an hour, what with turning things around, changing colours, checking the pattern and so forth.  If I can stick to that, then this huge project could be completed by the end of May.  However I expect that things will slow down when I start the lace section.  And I have two metres of lace fabric to complete.... six hundred rows....

It is a good thing that I like knitting with Kidsilk Haze.

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