Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year

So the New Year is well underway now.  This always feels like a good thing - fresh starts, and all that.

I usually write a post listing finished projects during the year just finished, but this year somehow it does not appeal.  I am more organised on Ravelry than I have been in previous years, so instead I shall just link to my page of 2011 projects, here.

That's 28 things, in all.  Twelve of those - quite a lot, really - were sample knitting, and that did include a single-bed sized throw, in beaded intarsia.  I'm quite proud of that one.

Of the 16 projects which were my own knitting, only three were actual garments - fewer than I'd like.  Accessories, on the other hand, have been flying off the needles - hats, mitts, a cowl, a couple of rather nice wraps.  And there were only three pairs of socks, most unusual.  I do need to make a few more pairs than that, otherwise I shall find myself needing to do substantially more darning.

Right now I am focussing on my husband's Lima pullover.  This is a straightforward seamless raglan, worked from the bottom up, and I am using the numbers from Ann Budd's book - that's the Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, and it is indeed handy as I don't have to do even the minimal amount of arithmetic that would otherwise be needed.

I've finished the body and the first sleeve, and am coming to the top of the second sleeve.  I wish I could be sure I was going to have enough yarn, though.  I started with 16 balls of Lima - that's 1600 metres - plus four balls in a different dyelot.   Ann Budd says that I should need 1580 metres for a 52" pullover, which is the size I am making, and that is running things extremely close in the first place.  However I've added a good inch to the length of the body, so I know I'll need more than that.

I've worked the cuff ribbing on both sleeves in the different dyelot, and the neckband can be in the different dyelot too, so that should give me a little bit of leeway, but I have a suspicion that it isn't going to be enough.  And I've tried striping the different dyelots in the sleeves, but I didn't like the way it looked, so that's not going to help.

When/if I do run out of yarn, I shall take off and unravel the ribbing at the hem, which was worked in the main dyelot, and then I can use that.  The ribbing can be reworked downwards using the different dyelot.

I hope it will be enough.....