Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Over the weekend I felt the need for a little instant knitting.  Something for myself, something quick.

So, here is (are?) Whittle.

These are long fingerless mitts, worked with 2 balls of Rowan Lima, which I bought a little while ago.  The colour is 880 Andes, a silvery grey - and this yarn is just gorgeous, by the way.

The pattern is by Kim Hargreaves, and you'll find it in her most recent book, Scarlet.  These mitts worked up very quickly indeed.  The fabric is soft and luxurious, and the ribbing makes them very stretchy and easy to wear over layers - they've been getting worn already.

Also, my Felted Tweed Chunky is on the needles now.

I am making Blake, from Kim Hargreaves' book Shadows.  This is a classic ribbed Sloppy Joe pullover, with an interesting neckline.  Kim has written the pattern for Rowan Alpaca Chunky, which works up at exactly the same tension as Felted Tweed Chunky, but needs larger needles to do so - the pattern says 10mm, and I am using 8mm, which is the recommended needle size for the FT Chunky.

It is not very often that you'll find me working with chunky yarn - I find the big needles hard on my hands, and I can't get any real speed going with the knitting.  But there are so few stitches on the needle, that the garment can't help but grow quickly.

This is the back, and I am nearly up to the armhole shaping already.

Right now, quick is good.


Jules said...

The sweater looks nice! I agree with you on chunky yarn; it seems slower to knit with.
The mitts were the pattern from Scarlet that made me want to get that book. I've been eyeing some Lima at my LYS for that project and may have to buy it :o)

Faeryfay said...

Fingerless mitys are grooovy!:-)