Friday, 4 November 2011

Picot picot picot

Yet another new thing.....

I took this picture yesterday, things have moved on since then and I am now working the picot edging.  Lots of picots, really a lot, but very much worth it for the lovely effect.

This is, of course, another sample that I am knitting for Alison Crowther Smith.  It is the Judith Boa, and it has pretty bell-shaped ruffles along each side.   This one is worked using Rowan Fine Lace in Vintage and Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Majestic - I do like Majestic, it is a real chameleon colour and so beautiful.

When I've finished this, I shall get back to Brier. I'd like to have that done, so that I can wear it.  I've got one and a bit sleeves still to work, plus a whole lot of seaming, which I always enjoy - I love seeing a project coming together.  It is the finishing that makes all the difference, I think.

I've got more things in mind to knit - something with Rowan Fine Tweed, and some things with Felted Tweed Chunky.  I don't often work with chunky weight yarn, but there are some wonderful bargains around for this yarn at the moment - we know what that means, of course - and I couldn't let this chance pass me by, because when it is gone, it really will be gone.  I like the Felted Tweed Aran very much - that's what I used for Victor(ia), which by the way fits me very well and is starting to get some wear now that the weather is cooler - so it seems logical that I will like the chunky weight of this yarn as well.

And I think I shall also spend some more time working on my Earth Stripe Curtain - the thing about working with Kidsilk Haze for any length of time, is that when you stop, you miss it.....

Edited to add - I have just heard from a very reliable source that Felted Tweed Chunky is NOT discontinued, it had been added to the discontinued list by mistake.  So I really did get a bargain!

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Anonymous said...

that is looking really beautiful! Thank you. I am loving the way the colours work, totally agree about Majestic, my favourite shade of all X