Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Interweave Knits, and other things

Knitting has continued apace, but I haven't got much to show for it.

Blake is on hold close to the halfway point - back and one sleeve finished.  When I finished the back, I realised that my row gauge was a bit more compressed than it should be, and much heart searching and indecision ensued.  I've only seen little colour-chart snippets of Alpaca Chunky, the yarn for which the pattern is written, but it is undoubtedly a very soft yarn with a good deal of stretch - a good deal more than Felted Tweed Chunky, with which I am working.  This is basically a good stable round yarn with a pleasing solidity - and it won't stretch much under its own weight.

But knitted in the original yarn, I am pretty sure that Blake would have a strong tendency to drop a bit.  I ought to add some more length to take account of this.  Also, this stitch pattern is very stretchy in itself, and doesn't make measuring tension easy at all  And my row count is definitely a bit short.  Too many things to consider, but they all come down to the big question - Will I have enough yarn?   Hence, lots of indecision, and I've resorted to that time honoured method of saving yarn - stopping for a bit.

I moved over to some other knitting which will be a gift.  I can't show this here (which is a great pity, as it is extremely pretty) or even talk about it in too much detail as there is a possibility that the intended recipient might read this.  What I can say is that if you haven't got your hands on any of Rowan's new yarn Fine Tweed just yet, then you are missing a treat.  This is a very nice yarn indeed.   Right now I am ticking along with my usual two-handed fair isle, and just loving it.

I mentioned Interweave Knits.  I have decided that I want to reduce the size of my knitting library - also my wardrobe, but that's another story.   Anyway, I have some back copies of Interweave on eBay at the moment - you'll find them here.

I thought I would mention this here in case anyone is interested - this is ostensibly a knitting blog, after all.

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