Friday, 25 November 2011

Fingerless mitts

I have actually finished something else, in my current pause from sample knitting.   Am I starting a run of accessory knitting, with two sets of fingerless mitts in a row? - I hope not, and in truth it isn't very likely.  I like knitting garments.

These are the very straightforward Fingerless Mitts from the book Knits Men Want.  They really were an extremely quick knit, and a good thing too as all the fingerless gloves and mitts that I have knitted over the years for my husband seem to have disappeared with the start of the colder weather.

I used less than one ball of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran, bought long ago from the bargain bin at Fabric Magic here in Trowbridge, and 4.5mm needles for a nicely dense fabric.  I made the second size, no changes to the pattern at all.

That's quite a good book, actually.  The blurb says that it has the only 10 patterns you'll ever need when knitting for a man, and it could actually be right, or almost right, at least.  Basic stuff, but sometimes it is nice to have it all set out for you.  I think the best thing is that all the patterns are written for a range of different tensions, so you can use whatever yarn you like, pretty much.

I still haven't finished Blake.  I decided in the end to reknit the back - my tension was definitely adrift at the beginning, and the easiest way to deal with it was to pull the whole thing back and reknit.  I'm about half way to the armholes, at the moment.

The stealth knitting is nearly done.  I shall talk about it after Christmas, once it is with the recipient.

Currently I am longing to make myself a Korsnas sweater, as seen on the front cover of Knitting Traditions - much like this one, on Lene's blog.  And like the one you can see in this post, in progress - scroll down past the (completely gorgeous) gloves at the top.   These pullovers are mostly worked in tapestry crochet - the knitted part is just the central section with the lice patterning.  At the moment I am wanting one to a quite unreasonable extent - it would take me ages, and I've never made anything of that size with tapestry crochet, and I've got lots of other things I'd like to be getting on with, already.  And I have no suitable yarn, either.   I think I'd want to change the colour scheme, though, even though it would be going against tradition -  maybe a very pale grey for the background, and an indigo blue instead of red?

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Sel and Poivre said...

Those mitts do look perfectly manly!