Monday, 31 October 2011

New things

I finished the blue Smudge Scarf over the weekend - we've been off on the boat again, making the most of the good weather whilst it lasts, and that always means plenty of knitting time.  So once that was off the needles, I cast on for a couple of new things.

First was a scarf, made from a skein of Kidsilk Creation.

This was an incredibly quick knit, you really do get maximum results for minimum effort with this stuff.  You can easily make one of these in a single evening, and the fabric is (of course) stunning.   The colour here is Dewberry.

After that I cast on with yet more Kidsilk - this time, a ball of Kidsilk Haze Stripe, in the Cool colourway.  

The ballband has a pattern for a simple stocking stitch scarf with a little moss stitch border - I am a bit unenthused by stocking stitch scarves, I like scarves and wraps to be reversible, by preference, so I went with another idea.

Instead, I am making a simple top down garter stitch triangular wrap.  Once it is a bit deeper, I plan to work long tails so that it is better for wrapping round.  

The colours are lovely, of course, but my photography is not.  There are deep slatey blues going through to a midnight navy, with brick, blood red, violet, hot pink, and silver...

It really is very entertaining knitting, and hard to put down.  I have a pair of socks that has been on the needles for far too long, and Brier is still languishing in the other knitting bag as well, needing only one and a half sleeves to be finished.  Instead of these worthy causes, I keep picking up this pretty thing.

And I want to cast on for Wild Saffron, as well.  My thinking at the moment is that the stash is taking up altogether too much room, and using up the heavier yarns is going to be sensible.  Ideally, I'd have nothing but laceweight and 4ply - maximum knitting from minimum storage space.....

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