Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Blue heaven

I've got something rather gorgeous on the needles at the moment.  I haven't talked much about my paid knitting work until now, but that is about to change, because this is just too lovely.

I am lucky to be knitting at the moment for Alison Crowther-Smith.  And just look....

So beautiful.  It is like an early evening sky reflected in rippling water....

This is going to be a pair of little fingerless mitts, worked with a strand of Rowan Kidsilk Haze held together with a strand of Rowan Shimmer - the pattern is called Frost Flower.

And I am enjoying this knitting so much!

The surprise for me here is Rowan Shimmer.  I've seen it before, of course, but I've never actually knitted with it myself.  It is so much nicer than the previous sparkly yarn from Rowan, which was called Lurex Shimmer.  That was on the hard side, and although it looked lovely, it wasn't lovely to knit with.  The current  Rowan Shimmer is nothing like that - it is soft, supple, beautiful.  I love it.

And when you combine it with Kidsilk Haze, well, I think this is knitting nirvana.

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Alison C-S said...

It's looking amazing Fiona! I'm very excited too X