Saturday, 9 July 2011

At last!

I finished the Moroccan Tile Bedcover. It took me nearly three months, and a lot of Rowan Cotton Glace and a lot of beads too.

It is going to be absolutely stunning when it is assembled. I look forward to seeing it when the designer - Jane Crowfoot - has finished it.

I will just post one picture here, a close up of one of the lovely beaded blocks, unblocked, just as it came off the needles. Blogger is giving me a hard time with posting pictures at the moment, it won't let me move them around using cut and paste, I have no idea why. So I hope this comes out in the right place.

Anyway, it is a pretty, pretty thing. Heavy, with all the beads, and such lovely rich colours.

I seem to have forgotten how to blog, in the meantime.

What else - I am working now on Baymouth, using some Rowan All Seasons Cotton in one of the old printed colours, this one is a random mix of grey and off-white. I think it may have been called Cloud? - could be wrong there.

However - a nice straightforward pattern, a long tunic sweater with little vents at the side seams and garter stitch edgings. I have altered the pattern to make the whole thing shorter - it would have been too long on me otherwise - and to make the vents shorter as well, just 10cm will do very well for me. I shall add afterthought pockets if it turns out that I have sufficient yarn.

The Spey Valley socks have been frogged. I tried them on, they were too tight around the ankle. Instead, I am using the yarn to make another pair of socks for my husband. It is quite a while since I made him any socks, so high time I got on with it.

Oh, and I finished seaming Victor(ia). I don't think I have mentioned that. It hasn't actually been tried on yet, as it is a warm pullover and although the weather has been unseasonally wet and chilly, it hasn't been chilly enough for me to wear Victor(ia) comfortably.

But I will take a picture, I promise. It is actually rather gorgeous, I love the textural stripes and the depth of colour in this lovely tweedy yarn.

Finally, I had a very pleasant surprise when I opened this month's copy of The Knitter. One of the patterns is a beautiful vest, Salma.

Design, assembly, and crochet by Jane Crowfoot - knitting by me.

Lovely to see my work in print for the first time!


faeryfay said...

Love that Salma! Great knitting, well done!

Madeleine Sara said...

I've not braved the kniting with beads yet. I am impressed. Yes blogger messes with me sometimes too. Love the pics you did managae to upload :O)

Joan said...

Hello! Glad to read you, glad to know you are no longer in knitting purgatory!

Congratulations on Salma, and I can't wait to see the Moroccan bedcover-- what an endeavour.