Thursday, 19 May 2011

And still....

I am continuing to work on the throw.

The blocks of which it is composed are worked in strips. You cast off at the end of the first block, then pick up stitches along the cast-off edge to begin the next block, and so on... This gives an extremely neat finish, and when the strips are seamed using mattress stitch, it will look very much like one huge piece of knitting. And it will be beautiful, I can certainly see that. In fact it will be stunning.

But it is still quite a lot of knitting. This is Rowan's Cotton Glace, and I am working on 3.25mm needles at 6 stitches to the inch. Nine blocks in a strip, nine strips to be worked, eighty one blocks in all. At the moment I have completed two thirds, in other words six strips are now complete. I am positively knee deep in the things here, and there are still more to come. I have worked out that the whole thing comprises something approaching 174,000 stitches.

As I finish each block, I stop and weave in all the ends. I don't weave them in as I go because this is cotton that I am working with, and it is unforgiving with regard to the treatment of ends. If you don't get them just right, then they come unwoven and wave their little arms at you on the right side of the fabric.

Also, the look of intarsia is invariably improved enormously by weaving in the ends along the colour change line. If you think that you don't like the way your intarsia looks, first weave in the ends and then block. It will look a lot better.

I can now knit beaded intarsia in my sleep, very nearly, and my initial thoughts of making one of these for myself are not running along the same lines any more. However I am still loving the knitting. It is easy and pleasant, and yet still interesting to work.

At the moment I am running along at the rate of one strip a week, just about. Some days I get three blocks done- other days barely half a block, and I am not happy about it when that's the case.

So, three strips left. Twenty seven blocks. Maybe three more weeks.

And then! I shall finish Victor(ia), which is still sitting reproachfully in a heap, partly seamed. I shall finish Baymouth, which I started just before I began this throw, and somehow failed to mention here. I shall finish my Spey Valley socks. I shall finish Julia.

And also..... something new, I think. Something summery. Soon.....

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Helen said...

I'm glad you're writing about ends, because that's just what I need to ask you about. I'm planning to knit something in garter stitch with frogged Summer Tweed which is in lots of bits. I'm inclined to think that it will knot well, and that I could keep the ends fairly short and as long as they were always on the back, I would get away with it, Summer Tweed being quite untwisty. However I realize that 'getting away with it' may not be quite aiming high enough and I should perhaps do knots with longer ends and weave them in. Do you think Summer Tweed will cope with this, or should I think of something else to do with all my bits?

I'm looking forward very much to seeing the throw when it can finally be revealed.