Sunday, 3 April 2011

Wisteria Socks

I have actually finished the Wisteria Socks, at long last.

They are very comfortable indeed to wear, and I think that I have finally got a pattern that fits as I like.

The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, in Wisteria. This yarn is just about perfect to work with - I would say the nicest sock yarn I have ever come across. I used 2mm needles, with a caston of 72 stitches, and yet more variations on my standard pattern - a slightly deeper heel flap, which does wonders to improve the fit, and another version of the graduated spiral toe. I think I have now found the final version.

There have been a couple of queries about this, over the months. So here is a picture, not a very good one I am afraid.

There are no ridges, no grafting, just four lines of graduated decreases, finishing with eight stitches drawn together. Nancy Bush says that in Estonia, this is called 'Heart of a Blossom' which is infinitely more beautiful and evocative, and also sounds as if it is a lot more difficult than in reality.

The lines of decreases are placed at equal intervals around the circumference, so the toe has no particular orientation. This, I like. It is now my favourite sock toe.

And talking about comments - Kate, I agree about the scarf tying. My problem is that I have far too much wherewithal.... but one can dream.

I have still not finished seaming Victor(ia). At the moment one side is completed, but the second sleeve is still only partly set in. Slow, slow progress......

One reason for the delay here is that I have started another paid knitting project - this time it is something big - a throw. I have committed to finish it by the end of June at the latest. It is a good size, 140 by 160cm, and worked in Rowan Cotton Glace throughout, so that is a fair amount of knitting. It is lovely to knit, though, very interesting. It is all intarsia, and there is a lot of beading as well. Beautiful colours, too - I am really enjoying this project.

I cannot resist. Here is a little bit of it, unblocked, no ends sewn in, just as it came off the needles. And slightly out of focus again, sorry about that.

At the moment I am seriously tempted to knit one for myself, when the book is published. I particularly love the colours of the beads against their respective backgrounds.....

Anyway. I am now going to go and work on it a bit more!