Sunday, 13 February 2011

Zauberball Socks

These have been my travelling socks for quite a long time now. By that I mean that they have been living - in one of my little Knowknits bags - in my handbag, and they get worked on usually whilst I am a passenger in the car, or whilst I am in a waiting room somewhere. Progress has been slow, but finally they are finished.

These are for my husband and incorporate some small changes to my usual pattern. The heel is worked so that there are no leftover stitches at the end of the heel turn, and also so that the picking up of stitches along the side of the heel flap flows directly on from the last row of shaping. This makes a neater heel.

I am also now using my trick for picking up stitches without getting holes at the corners - it works, so I use it for every pair of socks now.

There is also a change to my usual toe shaping - I have used a graduated spiral toe here, this is the first time I have used it for a pair of socks destined for anyone other than myself. I prefer it, and my husband says it is fine - so that's a permanent change now.

One day I must write all this up in a comprehensive pattern that includes everything I have learned about sock knitting over the years. I have discovered that I can put stand-alone pages on this blog, and that sounds ideal for linking to a pattern.

I've picked up my Black Opal again, and am enjoying it as much as before. Kidsilk Aura really is a lovely yarn to work with, and the pattern is straightforward, so this is easy pleasant knitting. This shawl is worked from the point upwards, and the pattern falls into three sections. Each section has a different rate of increase - this produces the curved sides. At the moment I am about midway through the second section - I am just past row 70, and there are only 104 rows to do in all. However looking at it like this is deceptive, the rows are going to get much longer very quickly. I think that I am approaching the halfway point, in reality.

And finally I have cast on another pair of travelling socks.

These are for me. I am using 72 sts on 2mm needles, and the yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Wisteria. My husband comments that this is 'quite pink' for me. This is true. I don't usually like pink, and this colourway definitely includes pink, but somehow I like it.

I still haven't got started on the Mystery Blanket from Debbie Abrahams. This is because I know that my next piece of paid knitting work is going to be a blanket as well, from a different designer. It will be larger than the Debbie Abrahams one, and it will include intarsia and beading. I shall have three months, or thereabouts, to complete it. Quite a lot of work there....

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Wanda Eichler said...

The Zauberball socks are great, Fiona. Mine aren't quite done, but here is a link to a post about them.
Happy knitting,

Wanda in US