Monday, 21 February 2011

Square one

I finished the first square from my Debbie Abrahams blanket yesterday evening. This was rather fun.

That's two colours of Rowan Cotton Glace, and one colour of Rowan Revive, which is just as lovely to work with as I had expected, and produces a beautiful tweedy fabric. Also, three different colours of beads. And intarsia, obviously. Debbie gives two options for each square, by the way, so if you feel that you really can't face intarsia, there is an easier second option available. I am doing option one throughout.

The photo was taken with the flash, which surprisingly has given a pretty good representation of the true colours, for once. The Revive is one of this seasons new shades and is called Grit, for some unknown reason. I cannot decide if it is more turquoise or jade - either way it is really beautiful.

I haven't woven in the ends yet, nor have I blocked, which is going to be very necessary as the beaded border on the left has a noticeably different row tension from the rest of the square.

The blanket is constructed in long strips, with each square cast off and then the stitches for the next square picked up along the top edge. This adds stability and structure, of course, and also makes the final assembly very easy.

The next square - square two - starts by picking up along the top of this square. It has a beaded intarsia border together with a diamond pattern with texture and beading, and cables, all of which are on a striped background. There are four colours of yarn, and again three colours of beads. I can see that with this one, a bit more concentration is going to be needed.

Jess is napping at the moment, so I am seizing my chance and getting the beads threaded up; hopefully I will be able to get started properly, later on in the day.

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Brenda said...

that is lovley, lovely, lovely.