Thursday, 10 February 2011


Finally I have finished it, and I like the result a lot more than I thought I was going to.

The garment itself is unprepossessing in the extreme -

There it is, a big chunky loop of dark grey/black garter stitch with some odd-looking shaping at one corner.

I have been trying to take some pictures of myself wearing it, and have ended up with a lot of pictures of my left elbow or the ceiling, the only one that turns out to be any good with regard to content is underexposed. So I am going to pretend that this is intentionally arty and blurry, and not due to my incompetence with a camera.

Shadow[]box is very easy to wear - it feels like a wrap, when you've got it on, except that you don't need to think about it coming unpinned or unknotted or whatever. My husband says it looks beautiful - I was extremely surprised by this, high praise indeed. It is soft, comfortable, very stretchy, and beautifully warm, as well.

I had been wondering about using a shawl pin instead of the button arrangement that the designer suggests, but it turns out that I like it without any fastening at all. The neckline works really well as a drapy assymmetrical collar.

I used four balls of Kid Classic in Smoke, and five balls of Rowan Pure Wool DK in Black, and I worked on 6mm needles.

So that's one more WIP out of the way. At the moment I am finishing off the Zauberball blue socks for my husband - nearly done, actually. After that I am going to cast on for some basic socks for myself in some not-basic yarn, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Wisteria - very pretty stuff.

Also on the list for today is a quick visit to Lidl, they have yarn and art supplies in store again. These always go like hot cakes so we need to get there today if we want to find anything left.

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Terri(terdotty on rav) said...

Mmm, your shadowbox looks lovely - even in the Rowan style arty pic! Seriously, it does look more wearable than I was imagining.

I have a feeling I've got four balls of kid classic somewhere...