Thursday, 3 February 2011


Whilst I tick along with my miles of cream coloured 4ply knitting, I tend to find myself thinking about knitting - as one does. The new season Rowan books are out, of course, and this season's offering strikes me as very good indeed.

Firstly, of course, there are two new yarns - Savannah and Panama, both with supporting pattern books. Both of these sound like a lovely mix of fibres, but I shall probably do as I usually do and hold off buying any for a little while. If I am tempted by either at the moment, Savannah is probably a little ahead.

Specifically, I like the textured pullover called Wilderness..... and this yarn does come in some particularly lovely colours.....

Of even more interest to me are the two Martin Storey books - Cotton Classics and Purelife Classics. Cotton Classics includes some patterns for All Seasons Cotton which is one of my favourite Rowan yarns, and I am particularly taken with two designs.

The first of these is Baymouth, very much my sort of thing, and I suspect that I already have sufficient yarn to make this.

The second is Landmark, and I might buy some yarn for this one - depends on the yardage required, I shall know when the book arrives. Martin Storey does cabled patterns so well, and this is a classic. (Pictures pinched from the Rowan website throughout this post, but I shouldn't think they'll mind - especially as I'm saying how nice they are...)

The Purelife Classics book is one that I expect to be dipping into again and again over future years. Summer Delights (an RYC book from a couple of years ago) is a book like that, too....

Anyway, my favourite here has to be the cover design. I do love pullovers with pockets.

This is Lambrook, and I shall buy some Revive to make it, colour undecided as yet. I know that I like Revive, because I've had my hands on some recently. It is lovely, beautifully tweedy and not too heavy at all.

And where was this, then? This year I am going to be doing something entirely new to me - Debbie Abraham's Mystery Blanket.

I have had half an eye on the Ravelry group for this over the past few months, and I liked the sound of the 2011 blanket - based around neutrals, with a graphic design rather than pictorial. The blanket is constructed out of separate squares - Debbie sends out a package of yarn together with the instructions for the next batch of squares, every month.

So far I have received two mailouts - more about these, anon - and although I have looked, and admired the beautiful colours, and the lovely yarns (including Revive - there, it took me a while but I got there in the end) and the interesting patterns, and the pretty beads - yes, beads - I haven't started. Before I can do that, I have to finish this....

Back to the 4ply!

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