Monday, 24 January 2011


I know, I said there would be knitting content. And knitting content there shall be, even if there are no pictures. I could show you Shadowbox again, but it still isn't finished, and a picture of a large lump of black knitting isn't very enthralling. The truth is that I haven't even picked it up since I last posted.

I have, however, been knitting for most of the time, but I can't show you any of it, nor should I say much about it.

First I had another piece of sample knitting to do - I will just say here, 4ply and lace. And two pieces of it, as well. But it was easy pleasant knitting, and I had it done in good time.

And then - well, I seem to have had swine flu, albeit very mildly. It only lasted 24 hours - not a very nice 24 hours, though. I did have a flu shot this year, and this year's flu shot did include swine flu, so that would be why I only had it mildly - even though it didn't feel very mild at the time. I hate to think what it is like for people who have no immunity at all, very nasty indeed.

Knitting came to a complete stop for 24 hours - so did life in general, pretty much - and I was late casting on for my next sample knit, which I had intended to start on Friday evening. I didn't get started until yesterday, when I was feeling better. I had missed a whole day's knitting, and the deadline for this one is quite tight.

Today I am just carrying on - I have caught up and am back on track again, and it is pleasant knitting, once again with 4ply. No lace this time though!

So I still can't show you what I've been working on. I am enjoying getting paid a bit for my work - I don't think I have ever been paid for my knitting before, and it turns out to be very motivating indeed.

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Anonymous said...

I had swine flu in Oct 2009, can't believe it was that long ago but my blog says it was! I took Tamiflu and was better within 5 days, thank goodness the flu jab helped you!