Wednesday, 1 December 2010


The un-nameable project is very nearly finished. I think it would actually be finished by now, if it hadn't had an encounter with Jess earlier this evening.

Jess loves my knitting. According to her, the interesting thing about knitting is the balls of yarn that are attached to it - you can steal one of them, and run across the room with it, and then run round and round the furniture making an interesting tangle, or you can sit quietly and disembowel the ball of yarn so that it is tangled all around you before somebody finds you.

This evening, she went for the latter option. I left my knitting for literally two minutes, and when I came back she was surrounded by the whole of a ball of yarn, draped over and around her. I don't know how she did it in the time!

I extricated her from the yarn - she was not pleased about this, and wanted to keep her new toy, but I was firm - and then spent quite a while untangling and rewinding it.

I shall have this project finished tomorrow, and then back to Wayfarer, which I shall be glad to wear. It is so cold here at the moment! No snow left, though.....

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