Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Right, here I am again, back to normal - or what passes for normality around here, at least.

Bit of a catch-up post, today. I am in the middle of stopping one medication and restarting another, and a side effect of the new med means that I keep falling asleep, and am thinking slowly and having problems with word finding as well. I am sticking with it though, because this should wear off - I've been told two or three weeks is usual - and I am told this is a good medication for me at the moment.

I finished the nameless project last week, and posted it off on Thursday, nicely blocked and folded in acid-free tissue paper. I hope it has arrived by now - I haven't heard otherwise. But equally I haven't heard that it did, so I shall just be optimistic here and hope that Royal Mail haven't let me down.

The knitting took me ten days, after one false start, which is not bad going at all for this particular project. I'll be able to say more, and show you the couple of pictures that I took, once the book is published.

I did enjoy working on it, to a real deadline as opposed to a self imposed one. I am also glad that it is finished, and I can return to projects of my own choosing. However I think I shall be looking for more paid knitting work, I am a reasonably fast knitter when I put my mind to it, and it would be nice to make use of it, perhaps. I don't know if I will be successful though, I am sure there must be a lot of people looking for this sort of work.

So, what have I been doing? - darning, at first. I have mended four pairs of my husband's socks, which have been sitting in the mending pile for rather too long. I have also mended his slipper socks, which had gone through at the toe. These slipper socks are a pre-Ravelry project and I've never photographed them - and I don't think I'm going to photograph them now either, not with a big darn in the toe. They were Peace Fleece Baltic Socks, with a suede sole added. That's quite a fun knit, by the way. I like working with Peace Fleece, as I think I've mentioned before.

I've also knitted a pair of these little things.

My son likes cycling, even in the sub-zero weather that we've been having recently. He's got snow tyres, you see. Last week he asked me whether it was possible to do anything about the fact that his ears get extremely cold when cycling. So I came up with this idea, and I made them on Monday. They slip over the cycle helmet straps at each side of the head, and hopefully will do the job. They are worked in the round, and shaped using decreases and short rows. The yarn is Patons Jet, and I used 4.5mm dpns. I didn't use a pattern, but I know what I did and it would be easy to make more, although I'd think that one pair ought to be sufficient.

At the moment I am not sure what to call them. Cycle helmet earwarmers, I suppose.

Other than that, I've been working some more on Wayfarer. I am on the last stretch now, all the waving is finished and I am just working straight until the thing is long enough. At least another foot to go, I think, although I have enough yarn to make it longer than that.

I am planning to start Brea soon as well - not in Rowan Lima though. I have in mind some supersoft merino that I got from Colourmart, in a good dark navy. This should make it a bit lighter, and hopefully more useful for indoor wear.

If the yarn that I am waiting for arrives soon, then I'll start Shadow[]box . More on that anon.

Also, I have started Victor, from Kim Hargreaves book Touching Elegance.

That's Felted Tweed Aran, in Soot, and it is just lovely to work with. First time I've used this yarn, and it does not disappoint.

Victor is a man's pullover, but I like the ribbed fabric and I think it will be equally wearable for a woman. I shall narrow the shoulderline just a touch, probably. That's the first ball of yarn there - I only cast on last night.

My second Opal is still languishing at the bottom of the knitting bag.

I just haven't felt like picking it up - I am not really sure why. I wish it was finished, it would be just the thing tucked in at the neck of my coat whilst dog walking in this freezing weather. And for that to happen, I need to pick it up and actually work on it...... I'll get there.

On the subject of freezing weather, at the moment it is dry and cold here. The small amount of snow that we had last week is long gone now. Instead we have freezing fog, and black ice, and hoarfrost over everything.

This is the view from the back of our house looking across the river valley. It is very pretty, but treacherous underfoot for walking.

Finally - from the comments - remember that if you'd like a reply, you can contact me on the email at the top right of this page. Blogger doesn't tell me your email address, so I can only reply in the blog, like this.

To the anonymous commenter who asked about the Slouchy Cover-Up - you can find my Ravelry project page here, and the Ravelry pattern page here. You won't find the pattern itself on Ravelry, for that you need to purchase Rowan's Studio 5 booklet.

Rowan's Studio series are limited editions - once they are all sold, they are not reprinted. Studio 5 is getting hard to find now, but there are still some around. For instance, here. I hope this helps!

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barbaramary said...

The Slouchy top pattern is also available in the Rowan Studio Knits book (21 patterns designed by Sarah Hatton). It's 3 times the price of Studio 5, but might be in stock for longer, and of course if you like enough of the patterns it would be worth it.