Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wet Wednesday

Jess doesn't like the rain. Not initially, at least. She looks at me when I open the door with such an expression on her face - But it's pouring! Are you really expecting me to go out in that?

That is fairly amazing when you come to think of it, considering that her face is covered with fur. However this attitude doesn't last very long, and soon she is zooming around as normal. She goes round the puddles, though, and she definitely doesn't approve of mud - she'll pick her way around the edge very daintily, thank you very much.

Yes, we allow her on the chairs, at least when she is dry and clean. Not everyone approves of this, I know, but she is so cuddly that we don't want to deprive ourselves. So there she is, having her afternoon nap.

She had her 'adolescent dog' check up at the vet's today - she's seven months old now, and we officially have a teenage canine in the house. The main change that we've noticed is a definite reluctance to come back when called - there's something along the lines of 'I'm a big dog now and I'll come when I feel like it, not when you say'. So she's on the long line when we are out walking, not off the lead - I'm taking no chances. All well at the vet's, by the way.

Wayfarer is ticking along nicely. I've done more than 30 inches now, and it will soon be time for Chart C. Such excitement!

I shall have to block this properly when it is finished - there is significant distortion in the charted areas, due to the closeness of the increases in the slip stitch fabric. Jared Flood mentions this, and he's not joking. Also, the slipped stitch areas do tend to pull in sideways, so where there is more slipped stitch fabric, the scarf is narrower. Blocking needed, definitely, and I shall use my blocking wires.

The knitting is still very enjoyable, it grows so quickly and it makes a lovely squishy fabric.

After this? - I shall finish my black Opal, and cast on for a Kim Hargreaves pullover in Felted Tweed Aran for myself, and also I shall start Anice, a Sharon Miller pattern from Rowan magazine 41, using the Rowan Pure Wool 4ply that was my Rowan subscriber's free gift last year. I plan to make it more Orenburg-ish in style, and reversible. I do like shawls and scarves to have two 'good' sides, this seems eminently sensible to me.

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