Saturday, 27 November 2010

The status quo

Jess is looking rather disreputable at the moment. She went into some undergrowth yesterday whilst we were out, and got hung up on a bramble with all that puppy fluff, poor little thing. It wasn't very nice for her, but luckily she wasn't actually hurt. I finally managed to extricate her, and discovered that she'd also got a whole mass of nasty big hooky burrs in her coat. They were all down both front legs and across her chest, and they were so tangled up that I had real problems getting any of them out. They were very prickly indeed and were obviously making her pretty unhappy.

So I sat down in the field (cold, wet, muddy) and took her in my lap, and between us we managed to get some of them out, so that she could at least walk. And then we went home, and I got the scissors out, and clipped away the rest of them - only thing to do, really.

Most of the feathering on her front legs had to go - more on one side than the other - and a good deal underneath too. Later on yesterday I got the scissors out again and evened things up a bit, but Jess had had enough by the time I'd finished one side.

So at the moment she's got half a haircut, and looks rather as if she's been dragged through the proverbial hedge backwards. I'll have another go tomorrow, and hopefully we'll get things at least evened up a bit.

We have had some snow - not a lot, but enough to puzzle Jess considerably. She kept wanting to eat it, and was most reluctant to come indoors yesterday evening. What we do have plenty of, unfortunately, is ice, and I really don't like that at all. I broke my ankle once, a few years back, and I'd much rather not break anything else, ever again. This evening when I took Jess out for her last walk of the day, it was so icy that she actually slipped twice. I was going along slowly and carefully, but she was zooming around as usual, so it's not so surprising really.

I am still knitting the project whose name I may not mention. I am on the home straight now, metaphorically speaking, as I am definitely past the half way mark. My right thumb is starting to give me some problems though, at the moment it is fine whilst I am knitting and not so fine when I stop and start doing other things like cooking. As long as it stays fine whilst knitting, I am ok!

I do want to get the nameless project out of the way soon, because I have a quite unreasonable desire to knit Shadow[]box. I think I would actually wear it, you see, although I may be deluding myself there. It wouldn't be the first time.

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