Sunday, 21 November 2010


Photographs of knitting are going to be a bit thin on the ground for a while, because I've started working on something that I can't show you. Someone I know is writing a knitting book, and I am helping to make up some of the projects. Must admit, I am rather pleased to have been asked.

So not only am I knitting someone else's choice of pattern, but I'm working to a deadline. This particular project is not a quick knit, the technique used is slowing me right down. I've timed myself, and at the moment each row takes about 4 minutes - I think that the whole thing is going to take me about 35 - 40 hours of knitting time.

I know that it's going to be touch-and-go as to whether I finish it before boredom sets in. At the moment I am enjoying it, lovely yarn to knit with and a pattern which holds my attention - what's not to like?

So far, 9% complete. That sounds a lot better than 91% still to go.


Joan said...

Pictures of Jess will do nicely until you've finished!

Cate said...

Ah, hasn't she landed on her paws?! What a sweetie. Mine sat on the sofa and snuggled into my knees (yes, feet on the sofa as well - mine!). It was partly for her, but mostly because you can't help snuggling up with a cocker.

It's lovely to see her in your posts. :-)